A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

Old Blue Rugby New York City RugbyA little look back in history and how it relates to current and future Old Blues. Reminder Hall Of Fame weekend is May 6th, 2017 RSVPs and Payment details will go out soon. In additional if you know any companies interested in sponsoring Old Blue on the jerseys or in Hall of Fame program let us know.

Captions: 1993 US 7s Champions - OBRFC
Back (L-R): Brewer Simpson, Mann, J Walier, Dumpson. Ft: Kennedy, DiMaggio, Russell (MVP), McNaughton, Laino.
The first OBRFC national Champions, the 1993 OB 7s, were invited to the Punte del Este 7s and went there with the help of OB HofF, and former Argentina Puma XVs hooker, Dick Handley. Handley was widely considered the best hooker in the world in his prime for the Pumas. OB HofF Bill Russell, OB Captain (Spr95), MVP of the 1993 US 7s, former US 7s player, US 7s Captain and US 7s coach - obviously a US Eagle international of renown in his own right - said walking around with Handley in Punta del Este was like walking down the street in France with their iconic flanker Jean-Pierre Rives…Kinda like maybe walking in NYC with Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays - people stopping and pointing constantly.
Given his enormous renown in Argentine rugby, Handley later was involved with the Argentina RU and had great success, and accordingly was well connected politically in the country and in finance/banking. He was a former chair of Citibank Argentina, who arranged a deal to take many Argentine state-owned companies private. (You tell me what that no doubt earned him down the road: His deal quickly made Citibank at least 1/2 billion dollars, and a fortune for investors in a Citibank Investment company who bought at deeply discounted prices in the deal; e.g., its stake in state-owned telephone company that was worth but $30 million in failing bonds that were taken private was worth some $1.2 billion in just 2 years.)
So the OB 7s gets invited to the Punte del Este 7s, but some our best players were not able to attend. Firstly, OB Eagles 7 and former US 7s captain Tom Brewer played for the Eagles and not for OB at the event. While we had the speed of OB Carter Mann, we did not have the world class speed of OB HofF Dan Kennedy (Eagles 7s AND XVs) or OB HofF Jeff Dumpson (Eagles Xs in his first year of rugby and a former Redskins free agent D-back and punt returner, whose NFL shot ended with the IR). Great OB #9 Sammy DiMaggio also missed the trip. So we had a multitude of guest players, who were good, but not our side of US ’93 champions. It is entirely possible that we could have beaten South Africa (OB lost 0-38) with our full 93 US 7s champs - and with a big man of international quality like our 7s captain Brewer, DK & Dumpson’s speed and Sammy’s extraordinary fitness, pursuit and superior tackling.
Point is, This OB 7s side,with 1/2 its squad MIA, beat Chile in the first match, 12-10.
Also, in last Spring 2016, the NE ODA side - with no less than 7 of the 12 men OBs! - tied Chile 12-12 in the Las Vegas 7s CUP Division. My guess, of course, is that with more OBs on the NE ODA side, they would have beaten Chile…