Harry Higgins sets up Old Blue Calendar

My name is Harrison Gordon Higgins. Born and raised in Brisbane Queensland Australia, I have been in love with rugby since I was 4 years old. I currently play for one of the most prestigious clubs in North America, the New York OLD BLUE Rugby Football Club. 
My sister is one of my greatest role models in my life. She is currently trying to recover from a devastating horse riding accident in 2010 that left her paralyzed. Even though she is on the mend, she is determined to qualify for the 2016 Olympic games in Rio.

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USA Eagles 7s Have a Big Weekend at the Dubai 7s

Middle Nate Augspurger, Right Taye Daniels, Left some other dude. Photo

OB Augspurger Starts In Lop-sided Victory Over The All Blacks.

The Eagles 7s side opened the 2015-16 World Sevens Series with a Final Four appearance that left them in 3rd place only because of a late rally by England in the Cup Semifinals that ended when England scored with no time emaining. It was historic for the Eagles because they defeated the New Zealand All Blacks for the first time ever...and did it twice. 

When the two sides met for third place, the Eagles staff opted to give the reserves the chance to compete against the best and to show what they could do. And did they ever - The USA ran away from the Kiwis 31-12. 

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OldBlue Tops Rivals NYAC, End Fall Season

Old Blue have put themselves in a good position heading into the spring season as they finished off the fall with a 35-28 win over their rivals NYAC. James Bird and Rick Kirkland led the way for Old Blue as they fell behind early only to come back and win. With three wins and one loss--which came to Life--in ARP play Old Blue have set themselves up in a position to face Life in a potential winner take all match in the spring on the final day of the season if things go according to plan.

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Old Blue: Rugby US Style

Marty Veale with two of his three babies - Mary, and his Harley. His other baby is New York's Old Blue rugby club.

Marty Veale picked me up from JFK International Airport at midnight on Wednesday. He was wearing shorts and Jandals, a backwards cap and a beard so big it could house the homeless.
Six months ago, he and the chairman of the New York Old Blue Rugby Football Club, a genial Irish American named Brian "Psycho" Murphy, had stood with me in a hotel bar in Chicago and told me that I needed to pay them a visit. Six months later, thanks to them, here I was.

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